Since the earliest time, Africa’s original inhabitants lived in harmony with nature. From heavenly aromas to herbal purity this unique body range is a mesmerising and innovative body and sense-soothing safari, replicating the earthy scents and the awe-inspiring wonder of this most profound continent.

With an abundance of exotic scents and herbs with well-reputed healing properties, Africa provides the ultimate sensory load for natural beauty as well as complete relaxation & rejuvenation.

Our unique treatments, inspired by Africa’s rich heritage, were created to celebrate mother earth’s connection with life. TheraNaka™ consists of only the finest ingredients available from nature while honouring the eco-system. From heavenly aromas to herbal purity, TheraNaka™ is a mesmerising, healing, and innovative body & sense-soothing safari that replicates earthy scents and awe-inspiring African wonder.

TheraNaka™ products are used in Gatsby Spa treatments and are available for purchase at the Gatsby Spa.

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